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Testimonials written with fountain pen

“Jonathan’s services exceed all my expectations. His in-depth knowledge in the industry has added value to my business. He is very attentive and quick to respond at all levels. I would highly recommend his services to any business.”
– Jim, President, Superi Inc. / Victory Manufacturing Ltd.


“In the years that I have known Jonathan, I have always found him to be knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. He has always performed, spoken, and appeared in a professional manner. Jonathan’s strength of character is why he will be my accountant for a very long time.”
– Kent McNaughton, Benchmark Renovations

“Jonathan has been a tremendous asset to my law practice. While colleagues of mine have been reluctant to venture into different types of business collaborations due to complex tax implications, Jonathan has enabled me to develop a business driven practice without having to worry about the accounting side.  Having a real professional like Jonathan taking care of the tax end of my business is like being part of a larger company with deep and valuable resources, except that I am still able to be independent.”
– Philip Hiebert, BA, MA, LLB, Barrister & Solicitor